Tuesday, December 30, 2008

More favorite beauty bloggers

Nicki is a wise woman. Not only is she training to become a pro derm, she's divulging all the things she learns along the way to all of us. That says a lot. Plus like myself, she is an ingredient list Nazi, which these day we all should be (Olay really does have great ingredients, save your money).


Debbi is one seriously fabulous female. Not only does she have many passions and hobbies, one of her main ones -beauty- is spotlighted on this blog. Time and time again I will read her posts, laugh, smile and wonder how this woman can be so smart. All the personal anecdotes really make the reader feel as if we're all her best buddies and she's divulging everything to us that makes her so glamorous.

Capitol Hill Barbie

The best place to go for Gossip Girl outfit breakdowns (they've finally caught my imagination too, I CONSTANTLY try to avoid obsessing about things everyone else does, and eventually fail. Watch, I'll read Twilight tomorow). She too appreciates the amazingness that is Blair. Plus, that one post, about department store cosmetic ladies. Yeah, you speak the truth (but do go to your nearest Sephora!).

Canadian beauty blog

It's good to know I'm not the only one. Here in Canada we have so few cosmetic choices. Only in the past few years has Sephora been introduced. Things like Target, with Sonia Kashuk....nope. It's pretty much a barren wasteland for the erstwhile cosmeticrack addict. Hence why I particularly love this blog, things that I KNOW are available and findable here.


Divadebbi said...

Oh I am so flattered to be one of your favorites! I adore the other Blogs you mentioned too and will add yours to my list.

Keep up the good work!


PS In terms of your question about "conflicts of interest" with Sephora, your employer, just use your common sense about not steering too much business your competitors.

Anonymous said...

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