Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Favorite fellow beauty bloggers Pt. 1

Hi folks, well here I am giving some credit where it is due, my fellow beauty bloggers. These ladies (and gentlemen) are bottomless wells of knowledge and experience and every time I read their blogs I find myself inspired and filled with at least one tidbit of new knowledge. Here is my dedication to a few of them:

I have met my ingredient dissecting match in this blogger. In fact, the entire blog is about ingredients. Each entry is a quick look at a common cosmetic ingredient that tells you what it is, what it's used for and any other concerns (like questions about safety and likelihood of clogging pores). If you are a novice to cosmetics and often find yourself mystified by an ingredient label, check this out.

Juliet of beautynomics really looks at the cost of being a beauty addict...and disregards it (where as I for some reason have it ingrained in my head that all this is FREE). Her blog is an amazing place to visit for when you're looking for beauty deals (girl has the inside track) .

Sesame is your source for investigative reporting (nanoparticles in sunscreen, rhassoul clay to wash with, and whether or not we truly need night cream are just a few of her recent topics of discussion). Now there is a super sleuth!

Virtuous Blue
Kenya and Teneasha are the beautiful team behind Virtuous Blue, two best friends whose musings on inner beauty leave even the most cold-hearted and superficial (I need not point to myself) with a warm fuzzy feeling in the tummy. Plus, their eyeshadow skills trump the work of many makeup artists.

Marla Malcolm Beck is the founder of BlueMercury, beauty addict heaven, and she is the writer of this blog. The woman talks about skincare with near dermatological expertise (the kind that is only gained by being a beauty curator) and she is wonderful for recomending specific products for specific conditions. Also a frequent traveler, awesome bet for in flight beauty tips.

Truth in Skincare

One of the few men in the beauty blogosphere, but his opinion comes highly appreciated. Not only is he starkly honest (read his treatise of parabens, you will never be the same) but Dr. David is yes, an actual dermatologist. All hail to someone who actually went to university to study antioxidants, and yes probably knows far more than the majority of us.

Felicia is a bona-fide product addict (and how we all sympathize) and writes about all her experimentations in such a humorous way that I've had several occurences of the chuckles. And take her skincare ideas seriously, cause girl is LUMINOUS!


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