Thursday, December 18, 2008

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Palacinka Beauty
Now here's a concept, beauty reviews, not just for white girls. Let's face it most of the time, when we hear how great a lipstick colour is, or a conditioner is, we naturally assume it will be great for us, while completely disregarding the ethnicity of the reviewer. Palacinka beauty solves this issue, their panel is manned by a variety of women from different backgrounds, so when thinking, gosh, that sounds good, we can check if we may have a similar eye colour or skin type to the person reviewing. Plus they picked a great name, Palacinka in my mother tongue means "crepe" the world's best food (and the only food I can make).


Nicci does know, she's a proffesional makeup artist/product junkie (do those two not usually go hand in hand?) who for some reason has allll the connections for great web deals. If you shop for your beauty products on the web regularly, make sure you bookmark Nicci, cause sh ehas the inside track on all the great deals.

Makeup makes me happy
You said it sister. Roselyn cares deeply about cosmetics and agrees with me on the many many merits of the new John Varvatos fragrance (GORGOUS!). Plus she does great contests and interviews. Keep an eye out for her upcoming beauty awards.


Hair REALLY does make a difference in one's self esteem. There's nothing quite like walking out of a salon, completely transformed. And here is where hair is worshipped. Now our girl here has something in common with me, curly hair, curly, frizzy, unmanageable and deadly hair. And she too worships at the food of the GHD like I do. Kindred spirits...

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