Saturday, December 27, 2008

Check out my beautiful!

I only snagged one great deal this past Boxing Day, but boy was it a beaut.

Yes Siree, after complaining for months and lusting after so many, I got myself a brand new brush set, FOR A STEAL.

The lovelies you see to the right (including the very fun fluff brush :P) only cost me 80 buckaroos in Canadian dollars. Granted, original price for it was something like 200 (beacause of the beautiful faux croc case) so I can see why it didn't sell out last holiday when it was introduced. But happily it was half off this holiday and with my employee discount, well yeah.

Thank you Sephora, I am now a complete woman again.

Believe me, if you got a brush set for a young budding makeup addict this season, make sure you throw in a gentle brush cleanser as a stocking stuffer and emphasize the necessity of cleansing all the time, not stuffing them haphazardly into makeup bags and not leaving them all over floors and counters. Because SOME of us had to spend hundreds of dollars at the age of 14 and learn the importance of brush care the hard way.

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