Monday, December 15, 2008

More of my favorite beauty bloggers

Serge Lutens- Nearly all the facts
I think I have another soulmate. And it is the author of this anthology on the world of my husband Serge. This woman knows her stuff, and lives within deliverable range of the exclusive line...urr another reason to live in Europe. She also runs another hilarious site, where she basically bitches about idiotic and annoying things throughout her life, but is INTERESTING. I lauggghhhhed out loud.

Product Girl

Our gal here really knows her stuff when it comes to new product launches, awesome web sales and the like. Plus contests galore!

Pretty By Nature

Noel cares about natural. Though I will never fully agree with this widespread obsession, I do appreciate someone who is a)commited b)informed when they choose to make a lifestyle change. If you too want to commit and need information, I can't think of a better place to start dipping your knowledge toes.

Perfume Posse

The folks at Perfume Posse, Patty, March and Lee are the ABSOLUTE last word on perfume. Their reviews are not only extensive, inclusive and evocative, they really give you an accurate picture of a whole story around fragrance, the backstory, the personal story, the notes (clearly) and the final word.

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