Monday, December 29, 2008

Even more favorite beauty bloggers

Makeup and beauty blog
Karen is one of the great mother hens of the beauty blogging world, one of the originals. She and her kitty have been informing us of awesome online sales, showing us real product swatches from actual photos (instead of those dinky ones on shopping websites) and makes amazing lists (like things she would tell her 22 year old self). Karen here's a big warm fuzzy for you and your awesome blog.

Pop culture news mixed with product reviews and personal musings make this one of the most entertaining beuaty reads in the blogosphere. That's right, there is a world outside of night creams perfume and eyeliner. Other things do exist. Do go learn about all this.

Killer Strands
Killer strands is the work of an LA based colorist that they call the hair color whisperer. For someone who's JOB it is to permanently damage hair, her obsession with hair health is truly outstanding. For those who REFUSE to pay 100$ and upwards at the salon ot color their hair, or like me who would but are broke, this site is a boon. It's like beauty school, in blog form. Her tutorials are so educational and pictorial and informative that I may actually one day take the plunge, bury my insecurities and color my hair again at home.

Hooked on Beauty

Carissa is a makeup artist who's product fiend tendencies are amazing for you and me. Why? Because she tries and reviews every single item that she comes across, from Monistat as a primer to all natural deodorants, her devotion to reporting to us all is immense.

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