Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Favorite fellow beauty bloggers Pt. 2

More than a pretty face
Julie, like me and my soulmate Paula Begoun, is fond of denouncing the many many trickeries of the cosmetic industry. Her ascerbic wit and bottomless well of knowledge also helped her earn the status of Beauty Expert Maven on the ThisNext shopping website.

The Scented Life

This blog, though an awesome source for fragrance information and reviews (could you tell from the title), is not just that. No, Michelle knows where to shop online for deals and her holiday gift giving guide is more extenseive than one you would find in a shopping magazine.

The beauty alchemist
Another fragrance fanatic here (these ladies are starting to inspire me). However she also hosts great contests.


The anti hair slave

Our girl here is obsessed with finding the most minimal route to healthy hair (she relaxes, so we know she understands damage) and is there not a lot we can all learn from that? The difference with her: she tantamountly refuses to let her hair take over her life (where I have looong given up on that idea)

Skin Deco

Connie, compared to a lot of us is fairly new to the beauty journey (it starts with believing that pores can be tightened and ends with bankruptcy trying to tighten them, this I know). But the amount of knowledge and blend skill she has amassed can amaze the most jaded of us. Girl is skilled. Not only that, she is beautiful, kind and works at MUFE!

Savvy Skin
Jeni is a skincare obsessive bar none. She, who like myself found that in her 20's she had to deal with fine lines and acne at the same time, has actually achieved the elusive.....perfect skin. Yes, actually 100% baby's butt/poreless/fine line free. Wanna know how, well she chronicles in GREAT detail.


The name says it all, Stacey and Kris LOVE their products. All kinds, all persuasions. All colours, they have tried 'em all. ABSOLUTELY the place to go and get updated on what's new in the world of cosmeticrack.


Askew To You said...

Thanks for the mention of The Scented Life. I appreciate that very much. :D

lelaelena said...

I am a big fan!