Sunday, December 14, 2008

Product Review: Serge Lutens A La Nuit

I do love Jasmine, I do love Serge. I knew I'd love this.
The notes: jasmine (Egyptian, Indian, Moroccan), green shoots, cloves, white honey, benzoin and musk.
On me I feel a lot of powderyness. On my wrist it starts off a very tart jasmine, as if infused with vetiver. Then it settles to a nice powdery floral, with some sort of lemony citrus note. I do love the feeling. I find that sniffing it throughout the day makes me feel so womanly and grown up (actually I feel the same way about Serge stuff in general). And like all the rest of his fragrances, it has some musky, grungy sexual notes, which I always appreciate in a fragrance, seeing as how I am a big fan of that year round, all day. I find the level of muskiness in this church appropriate, which means by most people's standards, it's hot date appropriate.

And if my nose can smell it all day (my level of perception=lower than you can imagine) means it's POTENT!

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