Monday, December 22, 2008

More of the best beauty bloggers

Mikaela's Jet Set Beauty
Both Mikaela and Shivaughn are flight attendants/estheticians, which means their knowledge of on the go, traveling everywhere beauty are unrivalled. Great reviews, advice and a constant stream of original information (I learned about Benev!). Give them a click.

Makeup Loves Me

Reviews galore. Reviews abound. For those of you who love reviews, here's a blog to check out.

Clumps of mascara

Brittany cares deeply about all kinds of cosmetic products, but appears to have the most passion for lashes (comrades!) and nails (her reviews are so good they almost make me reconsider my hate for nail polish). Plus her emphasis on real girl prose and realistic beauty goals is refreshing.

Makeup by RenRen
Ren is a pro makeup artist, lover of bright colours, queen of couture eye looks and one of those people whose skill is inspiring. Just check out her work!

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