Thursday, January 8, 2009

All right well thank you all for welcoming me to the beauty blogosphere

Unfortunately I need to say goodbye. One of my recessionista resolutions is to secure my future and I plan on Sephora being a part of that. As we all know it is patently impossible to like each and every product that the company sells and if I did come across something in the next little while that irked me, well I wouldn't be the type to lie or omit (btw, same thing if you ask me).

Sigh...conflicts of interest.
So I must say goodbye. I'd like to thank you all for your patronage.

I will certainly continue to be part of the beauty blog community and will continue reading and commenting. I'll be around.

Monday, January 5, 2009

I just realized something...........
Would running this blog be a conflict of interest with my job at Sephora?
..................there are very few products there I don't like..........................

anyone....any feedback?

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

More favorite beauty bloggers

Nicki is a wise woman. Not only is she training to become a pro derm, she's divulging all the things she learns along the way to all of us. That says a lot. Plus like myself, she is an ingredient list Nazi, which these day we all should be (Olay really does have great ingredients, save your money).


Debbi is one seriously fabulous female. Not only does she have many passions and hobbies, one of her main ones -beauty- is spotlighted on this blog. Time and time again I will read her posts, laugh, smile and wonder how this woman can be so smart. All the personal anecdotes really make the reader feel as if we're all her best buddies and she's divulging everything to us that makes her so glamorous.

Capitol Hill Barbie

The best place to go for Gossip Girl outfit breakdowns (they've finally caught my imagination too, I CONSTANTLY try to avoid obsessing about things everyone else does, and eventually fail. Watch, I'll read Twilight tomorow). She too appreciates the amazingness that is Blair. Plus, that one post, about department store cosmetic ladies. Yeah, you speak the truth (but do go to your nearest Sephora!).

Canadian beauty blog

It's good to know I'm not the only one. Here in Canada we have so few cosmetic choices. Only in the past few years has Sephora been introduced. Things like Target, with Sonia Kashuk....nope. It's pretty much a barren wasteland for the erstwhile cosmeticrack addict. Hence why I particularly love this blog, things that I KNOW are available and findable here.

Monday, December 29, 2008

Have you been missing Linda

Here she is, adding a bit more chic to all our lives.

Even more favorite beauty bloggers

Makeup and beauty blog
Karen is one of the great mother hens of the beauty blogging world, one of the originals. She and her kitty have been informing us of awesome online sales, showing us real product swatches from actual photos (instead of those dinky ones on shopping websites) and makes amazing lists (like things she would tell her 22 year old self). Karen here's a big warm fuzzy for you and your awesome blog.

Pop culture news mixed with product reviews and personal musings make this one of the most entertaining beuaty reads in the blogosphere. That's right, there is a world outside of night creams perfume and eyeliner. Other things do exist. Do go learn about all this.

Killer Strands
Killer strands is the work of an LA based colorist that they call the hair color whisperer. For someone who's JOB it is to permanently damage hair, her obsession with hair health is truly outstanding. For those who REFUSE to pay 100$ and upwards at the salon ot color their hair, or like me who would but are broke, this site is a boon. It's like beauty school, in blog form. Her tutorials are so educational and pictorial and informative that I may actually one day take the plunge, bury my insecurities and color my hair again at home.

Hooked on Beauty

Carissa is a makeup artist who's product fiend tendencies are amazing for you and me. Why? Because she tries and reviews every single item that she comes across, from Monistat as a primer to all natural deodorants, her devotion to reporting to us all is immense.

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Check out my beautiful!

I only snagged one great deal this past Boxing Day, but boy was it a beaut.

Yes Siree, after complaining for months and lusting after so many, I got myself a brand new brush set, FOR A STEAL.

The lovelies you see to the right (including the very fun fluff brush :P) only cost me 80 buckaroos in Canadian dollars. Granted, original price for it was something like 200 (beacause of the beautiful faux croc case) so I can see why it didn't sell out last holiday when it was introduced. But happily it was half off this holiday and with my employee discount, well yeah.

Thank you Sephora, I am now a complete woman again.

Believe me, if you got a brush set for a young budding makeup addict this season, make sure you throw in a gentle brush cleanser as a stocking stuffer and emphasize the necessity of cleansing all the time, not stuffing them haphazardly into makeup bags and not leaving them all over floors and counters. Because SOME of us had to spend hundreds of dollars at the age of 14 and learn the importance of brush care the hard way.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Product Review: Datura Noir by Serge Lutens

I must be the only one who smells leathery notes in this. But on me somehow it smells like that, powdery, leathery with crisp fruity notes. I feel it should be work with a boyfriend`s shirt, a leather jacket and some pink pumps. That is the outfit I see when I wear this.

Mandarin Peel, apricot, lemon flower, datura flower, tuberose, osmanthus, coconut, heliotrope, myrrh, bitter almond, vanilla, tonka bean, musk.
I mean I`m in love. This is the scent I should have work when I was in my last two years of high school, when I rode in fast cars with bad boys and partied all night. I am FAR too timid for it now. It is definitely a bad girl scent (or maybe the way it settles on me makes me want to bring out my inner bad girl). Either way, I am now officially confused.

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