Monday, January 5, 2009

I just realized something...........
Would running this blog be a conflict of interest with my job at Sephora?
..................there are very few products there I don't like..........................

anyone....any feedback?


Anonymous said...

Hi there. I am a fellow beauty junkie that came across your blog by searching for mandelic acid.

To answer your would be a conflict of interest to say anything negative about a product at your place of work, unless, you were to go completely anonymous online, it would be ok.

I kind of sucks. I too am interested in starting a blog about the good and bad products out there. I really feel that I have tried everything under the sun.

It is so much fun reading other people's commments , personal experiences and gripes about products etc such as your blog. I can talk about skin, hair, ingredients and products all day long, seriously. And, yes. I do own the "Don't go to the cosmetics counter without me" book too.

I am sort of interested to hear about the these bad products you speak of. I have a bone to pick with a few horrible hair salons that I have gone for services. I swear, i should call my blog, "black listed beauty" : ) There is a lot of bad stuff out there.

I hope i was some help.


*** said...

I read you going dark. I've enjoyed your blog.

take care and if you should return I will be reading.