Monday, November 3, 2008

Things you could do to worsen cellulite that you never thought of

Ah, cellulite. You bane of mine and 95% of women's existence. WHAT in the world have I done to God in order to have more cellulite than my own mother?

Apparently some of this stuff:

  1. Using temporary tightening products: What, cellulite products can actually worsen it? Yes, if they contain caffeine or any other diuretic. While these certainly do temporarily create the look of tighter skin by absorbing the water surrounding the fat cells that let's the come up close to the surface of the skin, over time they exacerbate the problem in just the same way. They absorb water. Instead of figuring out a way to have skin cells absorb the water and learn to strengthen themselves against fat cells, we take teh water away, over time weakening skin's own processes and structures? Sigh. Biotherm's cellulichoc is by far my favorite but ever since reading Dr. Murad's cellulite solution book (seriously check it out) I have relegated it to only the most special occasions. This same rule applies to drinking too much coffee, yet another reason to put away the cup and embrace tea. And B12.
  2. Those old old culprits, too much sun and smoking. Yes, they weaken collagen in the face, but also in the body. Leading to skin's weakened ability to protect against sag (let me tell you about that one) stretch marks, wrinkles and yes, cellulite. A few more reasons to stop.
  3. Sitting too long/crossing legs/any action that cuts circulation at the legs....How? Blood vessels are the wonderful little workhorses that bring any nutrient you may eat or supplement with to the skin and nourish and save it. Better blood flow really does encourage collagen production, fat metabolization and overall cell health. This is half the reason we exfoliate. If only every time I sat at the office for 15 minutes I could go take a quick dry brush break to reawaken the blood flow. WHEN will employers be forced to consider women's cosmetic needs :P
  4. Forgetting your eggs and shrimp. Egg yolks contain a lot of Lecithin, the human body's favorite nutrient for cell strength. What it does is literally help repair cell walls, thereby leading to less water retention around the cells themselves and more inside the cells, thereby helping increase cell strength. I've noticed since I've started taking a Lecithin supplement my eyes are much less puffy and I bloat a lot less around the time of the month. And off course my cellulite has gotten a bit better. Shrimp contains a lot of Glucosamine, which is largely used by Arthritis patients because of it's ability to lubricated joints. But it also lubricates every other non-tissue zone within the body. Which includes the fluids surrounding and supporting skin's own collagen and elastin proteins. And we all know what a lack of those leads to.
  5. This one will surprise you: Oral contraceptives/any female hormone therapy. What, how? Well why do men rarely get cellulite, I'll tell you why, a lack of estrogen. Estrogen is the hormone that causes thinned skin around the danger zone for most women and this is the component of cellulite that is genetic. Your mother's hormone balance, is probably a lot like yours. Mine, well my mother lucked out. I'm not about to go check out the backsides of my other female relatives but I bet I got these elevated levels from my grandma (who is also the one from whom I got my chesticles). Switch to Progestin only if your doctor permits. I promise you from personal experience, as soon as I went off the Pill my cellulite actually improved (not to supermodels levels, but visibly better).
I hope to make you think of what your daily actions may be doing to exacerbate any current body issues (the most stubborn of which is off course celly).

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