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Gratis loot./ILOVEMYJOB

So at Sephora we get makeup, free makeup. Lot's of it.

I KNOW! In addition to being paid for giving people skincare advice and putting makeup on them, they actually, no shittin' ya, give us makeup.

The more training sessions we attend, the more goodies we get.
Now I don't get ingredient lists, so I can't give you my signature breakdowns, but hey I've got thoughts for you on each product:


GoSmile AM/PM toothpastes: YUMMYYY! Not only do these taste amazing, smell amazing (the whole wakes you up/puts you to sleep thing really does have an effect). Plus they contain silica, so the polishing action on the tooth is incredible, it feels like I've been to the dentist each time. But I gotta say, my favorite feature has to be that they're so concentrated. Rather than containing largely water, they contain lots of the good cleansing polishing stuff (including flouride, so if you fear that...not this stuff). You need the tiniest little blob, instead of just covering the whole toothbrush. This is what makes it worth 30 odd dollars to me, those two toothpastes are going to last AGES!

Murad Perfecting Night Cream: You veryvery rarely encounter something so mooisturizing, plumping and softening without it being greasy and sticky. This is apparently intended to balance skin out (don't we all want that?) by adding lot's of non-pore clogging moisture. Not that I'm using it all the time (I find it's great as a base for makeup so I've used it like that a few times). I did sneak a peek at the packaging and it's largely fatty alcohols and thickeners, which for crater pores such as mine. WootWoot!

Smashbox focal point mascara: So uh, even though it's supposed to be lengthening and thickening....not enough for me. Yes off course it did increase what I got naturally, but compared to the false lash look I usually achieve with some other mascaras, this just looks...natural. Now for some, adding a little extra volume and length, while maintaining the lash softness, pliability and separation (I will say this I went up to 6 coats trying to achieve a false lash effect, and not a single clump...yahooo) is all they want out of a mascara. For those people, give this one a try.

Cargo Blu-ray concealer:
So I like everyone else was fascinated by all this HD stuff, natural looking...but flawless in every light? SIGN ME UP! So this concealer was my first foray and I am veryveryvery impressed. The coverage is what I would call a medium, not as light as say an undereye diffuser, not as dark as a pot cream concealer. However, it is fully buildable if you need more. In fact on my acne scars I often do. I have to say, it really does look flawless in all lights (my beloved MAC studio pot would be sooo obvious in natural light). I consider it an amazing flaw eraser. What really set me off is the fact that it's amazing as an undereye concealer too. Now that needs to be appreciated.. Seriously, as if my eyes have never heard of the words puffy or dark circle. In fact I will continue to repurchase it (and will try the rest of Cargo's blu-ray line) just based on that one wonderful fact. In terms of color selection, only two. Unfortunate, I hope they add more. However 002 is almost perfect on me and with a powder foundation on top, looks invisible. Lasting power is completely dependent on what primer and powder I use with it, like any other concealer.

Cargo reverse lip liner: Bitchin' idea, really more for those worried about lines and bleeding with lip gloss than someone like me who just tries everything in front of her. What you do with this nude toned liner is fill in on the outside of the lip, leaving a barely noticeable waxy finish that shouldn't allow any gloss to bleed into lines (though I thankfully dont have lines there yet so I can't honestly say much for bleeding). I liked using it traditionally over lips to cancel out my own color in order to get a really clear (and very long lasting) result with whatever color I used.

Bare escentuals buxom lips full color gloss in Carmen: Gorge, lovely, slightly golden shimmer on top of a dark, purpley halfway burgundy red. Love the color, great amount of pigment and well, I'm not a tingle maniac so I can't say I love the tingle (though it is cooling) but I definitely see and feel slightly fuller (but off course, fades soon).

Bareminerals primetime for lids: My very first lid primer try (I loved the results of regular primers and always thought, well these do the job, why go with something else). I was wrong. DEAD WRONG! Having that tint (and whatever it is that makes it sticky) makes alll the difference. I can see someone with less dark circle than me being able to use this as a concealer too. The most impressive thing however, is how well this made eyeshadows work. I've been working on using up my Maybelline shadow quad, which I absolutely no matter what, detest and I think this will help. I mean without it those shadows are so veryvery poorly pigmented that they fade within an HOUR, but with, well I've been working 14 hour days lately, and yes I head home with perfect eyeshadow. Something I didn't expect: The one time I put it on in a hurry and rubbed it over my lashes too, VAVOOM lash, I mean like 1.5 times the length I otherwise had. YES!!! Lashgasm! Give this one a try.

Bareminerals extreme glimmers colors: In the set you get a super shimmery golden brown, a super shimmery purple and a super shimmery silver. My favorite is the golden brown, SUPER versatile but I like the others too. This is not even shimmer or frost, this is GLITTER. Thick chunky glitter, which is why I like it. However, The glitter winds up everywhere. Even with primer and powder and layering with cream shadows, it always winds up everything. Only super glue could keep glitter this heavy where you put it. But in a way that's appealing to me, because at the end of the day I wind up with a girlish, imperfect smattering of glitter across the tops of my cheeks. Plus the set comes with a cute little mini brush (and the aforementioned primer in a sample size) which is good for crease work in a pinch.

Dior deep hydration radical serum: I really liked how smooth soft and plump (but not greasy) I felt after this. Definitely some addictive stuff. I put it on before bed last night and woke up GLOWWWWY!

Diorkiss luscious lip plumping gloss in chocolate shake: A. I've always liked the angled tip applicator for gloss, I find it the easiest to use on the go and without a mirror so this already had points going for it. B. The pigmentation is somewhere in medium to full, and the color is a gold flecked brick. Not sticky, so for those looking for a creamier thick lipstick feel, this is a good one. But, not a whole lot of lasting power off course.

Dior 2 colour eyeshadow: I got the plastic case for this so I don't know the color, but it's the one with a bright turquise and a light champagne. Really cool unexpected combo. Both have great pigment and lasting power like all Dior shadows, and the feel is reaaallly creamy between the fingers so I imagine there's emollients in there.

Dior Diorshow Iconic mascara: My absolute FAVORITE of the whole lot. My veryvery favorite mascara now. The brush is the same as Chanel's exceptionnel and the formula is the same thickness as the original diorshow. Combine the two and you get one of my patented LASHGASMS!! There's nothing quite like mascara and lash stuff to make my heart pitter patter and I must say.....lifechanger. I don't think I would change a thing about this mascara, lengthens to false proportions.

Lorac perfectly lit oil free luminizing powder in Luminous: lovely sheer champagne shimmer (but definitely not a shiny shimmer, the subtlest I've seen yet). Really does "uplight" whatever area you put it on and a GREAT bet for those that have feared highlighters before, application is foolproof, color is foolproof (they have two others two, for medium and dark skin tones).

Guerlain Kiss kiss gloss in 741: Definitely a new favorite. If you want a super high pigment (I mean as much as like a traditional matte lipstick) super sticky
yet moisturizing feel and the longest wear gloss available glossy shine, yeah, this one. 741, I think has been discontinued but the color is an amazing traditional November-like brick red. Definitely makes me feel fall like and special.

Sephora brand lip gloss pencil in coppered coral and bronze: This looks like a chunky lip liner but it's actually a moisturizing lasting gloss (not very shiny though, can't have it all). Coppered coral is almost like MAC spice in it's universal neutralness while bronze is definitely a fabulous foil for my Laguna bronzer. Surprising stuff for sure.

I took 'em all home and played. The lips are Guerlain, the eyes are Dior, I highlighted with Lorac and mascara-d with Smashbox.

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