Friday, November 21, 2008

Fabulous money saving tip

Oh, I think of you all folks in the States during "these economic times". If you haven't yet gotten the latest issue of Allure (get on it, there's an amaaaazing article about the latest anti-agers....isn't there always though?:P) you probably haven't heard about their new program Allure Experts.

It's their consumer review group and it's how they plan to partner with beuaty companies to help them produce, study and release products that are relevant to the beauty addict consumer (sigh, isn't every beauty product relevant to us). If you sign up, live in the States (those of us in Canada are less fortunate) meet their qualifications (there are already lot's of panelists of my age group which is 18-24, so I didn't get in) and participate in the activities, you get free pre-released products to try.

I sooo wish I could participate, what better way to placate my addiction to trying new products while making my wallet happy. You lucky ducks down south, go sign up before your age group fills up! And send them a stern letter that they should allow voracious 20 year old Canadian beauty consumers to participate.

Join up!

Image courtesy of allure magazine

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