Monday, November 24, 2008

So this is my shoutout to Dr. Murad

Would you like to know what these pictures are?

Before and afters....OF ME!

Ladies I kid you not, this is a few months work. The more yellow toned pictures were taken at the beginning of August, and the more bluish, today.
You may have noticed a measurable difference in say CELLULITE!!!
I know, I amazed myself. Yes it still looks like more in natural light then it does in these pictures (believe me, plenty noticeable) but just to look how far I've come in the course of a few months is incredibly encouraging.

I know you may be pooping yourself and asking what I did. It's called pills, and prescription retinoids. This summer, frustrated with being unable to hit the beach (yet again) I finally broke down and got Dr. Murad's "The cellulite solution". I read it, and well....monumental at the very least. Dr. Murad got down to the very root causes of cellulite, and began to tell us how to relieve them. One of his ways is inside out. That means either eating, or supplementing, the nutrients that skin lacks in order to be able to behave how it should. The other component was treating the skin from the outside, with the correct topicals.

Now I am definitely not the most ardent follower. I stuck to the diet for about 2 weeks (though that IS when I saw the most difference, what we eat ladies, makes a HUGE difference). You cannot get my butt out of bed in time to be able to dry brush myself every morning. I certainly haven't done any healing yoga, or been hitting the gym (um yeah, max 10 times in the last few months). Massage...PFFT! What I did do, was somewhat consistently take the supplements and apply a prescription retinoid cream to the area. This was supposed to alleviate my stretch marks, and it certainly has been helping, but the effects on the celly are much much better.

Dr. Murad, you are my hero. And those of you who haven't read this book, get your hands on it. It may change your butt forever.

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