Saturday, November 15, 2008


Booyah, check out my electronic family. My GHD 2", My T3 Evolution, My Clarisonic and my Tanda.

I have yet to review the Tanda because I haven't given it very much time yet, my last post was my ode to the Clarisonic and I gave you me, my hiar's and my GHD's life story not too long ago.

I have not yet devoted my words of love to my T3. Let me put it this way, to have my hair stay frizz free and smooth, past 3 sleeps.....nothing short of miraculous. I have approached the level of smoothness that I achieve with T3 alone, only when using my sister's babyliss, nozzle, smoothing technique, cold shot, and a variety of products, from protein stuff, to serums. Still not even as close to as smooth as with the T3 (let me put it this way, what I would have gotten with a 100$ straightener, which in my books is freakin AMAZING for a blower).

But the true worth of the evolution is how quickly it achieves the job. 30 minutes.

Yes on MY hair (I weighed it not long ago, and let's just say without it I would be around 5 pounds lighter, I AM NOT JOKING I HAVE THAT MUCH FRIZZ PRONE HAIR).

T3....marry me.

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