Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Products that changed my life Pt. 2

The body edition. One of the thoughts I despise most is that of getting naked. My gym will is not exactly stellar, and I have been cursed with the kind of genetics that lead a 20 year old girl to have more sag, pooch, cellulite and stretch marks than her own mother. I can't WAIT for varicose veins. When it comes down to it, and it's a big night with a new boyfriend, these are all the stops I pull out.

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Lorac tantalizer: Never in my life did I ever expect to find a body bronzer that looks realistic, slims, provides some foundation like coverage and LASTS! A friend introduced me to this as we were about to go to a bar one night, and I was more than pleasantly surprised to find it still looked perfect at the end of a sweaty, humid night. Not a touch on my clothes, not a single streak. As if I were born with those legs. I've been a devotee ever since.


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Biotherm Cellulichoc: Though I've tried dozens of instant firming potions, nothing does the job quite like this lovely chocolatey smelling gel. If I were to go into percentages, after about an hour's wear, I notice my dimples looking about 60% less noticeable. Alas, the effects are only temporary. I'm sad that they've now discontinued it for their Cellulilaser line, but am curious to try that. Will report back ladies.

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Prescription retinoids: I consider myself the pioneer of using this on the body (pat on back). My doctor thought I was insane when I said I wanted to see what it would do for my cellulite and stretch marks (it all comes back to collagen, and what is better at rebuilding it than tretinoin...NOTHING! though I do want to try Prevage's body serum...). A few months later, I am proven right. Just check out my before and afters (combined with a supplement regimen too).

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Neutrogena Body clear scrub: Nothing does the job quite as efficiently when it comes to my backne. I take a synthetic dry brush, scrub myself down with this in the shower, and come out with half of what I had going in. Continued use has at times ALMOST gotten me entirely clear. In a pinch it's even worked on my face, though I don't recomend this to everyone, I am a lizard, I can handle anything.

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Lush buffy the backside slayer: Though this does a fairly decent job on the area that it's designed to (bottom) the real magic is in it's effects on KP. After one use my arms get almost smooth. Big caveat, one big bar of this lasts me like two weeks, and at 25 bucks a pop, it ain't cheap. However, I have never been one to put a price on beauty. Those of you who do, check out online merchants of cosmetic ingredients, get some aduki beans and cocoa butter. Make it at home. On the cheap.

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Jesse Mendez said...

Hi thank you for visiting and commenting on my blog. Yours is very cool. I could use this for my leg veins. I am very self conscious about that. And I am a guy... LOL My gram had them, and she use to peck at them, kind of ugly the memory but I bet she would have loved this product.

see you again soon...:)