Tuesday, November 25, 2008

The beauty products that changed my life Pt. 1

I go on and on about about great products, bla bla blabbity bla. Sometimes I allude to the greatest, but have never before compiled them all. Now a true beauty addict has more than a handful of must haves, so I decided to split them up for you. I present my absolute hands down love 'em love 'em products for the face:

Image courtesy of Walgreens.com
Prescription Clindamycin: this stuff comes in different forms, and it is your pimple's worst enemy! It is twice as potent an antibacterial as Benzoyl Peroxide, yet has none of the drying, bleaching or makeup caking effects.

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Neutrogena At home microdermabrasion: Ah, my first and to this day favorite foray into the world of ultra harsh microdermabrasion. For a scrubphile like myself, the tool is a joke. No I want the full hardness of the crystals, and I want to rub hard. I loveddddd the effects of this from the first day and never did stop. Does amazing things for instant smoothing, but is really for the toughest skins.

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Creme de La Mer: You may be asking yourself, what in the world is a crazy oily girl, with ridiculous horrible cystic acne, doing putting on CDLM?!?
Ahh, you underestimate me and my willingness to experiment. And boy was I happy I did this one. After the initial shock to my skin (I could just imagine my oil glands having a heart attack at the confusion, what did she put on? Creme de La Mer???? HALT PRODUCTION!!! And the foreman just says, sorry boss, we already put out a months worth of oil just last night. It's too late. There will be zits.) After the initial "shipment" as I like to call it, my oil glands got the hint. They needed to cut down. They could afford to lay off a few wo
rkers. I wanted them to concentrate on downsizing (not just production, but also their plants, as in, my pores). One thing my poor empty wallet always misses.

Image courtesy of sephora.com
My new boyfriend, the Clarisonic. Let me put it this way, this thing gives me the glow of a 100 orgasms (not counting the blush, the blush is my entire existence). Plus it makes pores look smaller, lines look blurred, skin feel softer and smoother, and is making an unprecedented difference in my #1 enemy. The zit. Clarisonic, how do I love thee.

Image courtesy of sephora.com
Can I just say, the formulator of this deserves some sort of skin Nobel Prize. Not only is the SPF equator high (55, and 3 broad spectrum pluses), but it blends into skin without creating a white cast, moisturizes and was the only block that didn't irritate my skin when I was on Renova. My only caveat, very very oily within an hour (is this not what blotting papers are for though). To this day I have not found anything better.

Image courtesy of sephora.com
Jonathan's shower purifier was my very first gadget purchase, and one of my favorites to this day. The effects on hair are immeasurable, I always wish it had a universal nozzle so I could use it in Europe too, because the purified water leaves my hair so much softer, bouncier and shinier than without. Truly a must-have.

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