Saturday, November 1, 2008

Check out my beautiful miraculous GHD

Now if there is a single person on this planet that can plug GHD without the slightest hesitation or exageration that person would be me.

The GHD styler has changed my life.
Now I am high maintenance, I make no buts about it. I shut up, get up an hour early and make my best effort to look fabulous. One thing that has always left me frustrated is my hair. I have a lot of it, like you think YOU do, no, you have no idea whatsoever. Each shaft itself is ridiculously thick and on top of that there's a lot of it. It also grows like crazy so it always gets long (which I like, I've got it down to my bra strap. In August it was at my shoulders, if that's a good illustration).

So styling my hair has always been a long and arduous routine. It never used to take under 3 hours. EVER! I mean blowdrying itself, after about an hour of airdrying would be at least 45 minutes. Than PAINSTAKINGLY ironing each section would be another 1:15.

Until my sister bought herself the original GHD styler (I took her pink babyliss with me to Europe and she was FURIOUS, but you cannot imagine the humidity in Belgrade in midsummer. I NEEDED it!). When I got home, hair ravaged, but so very well rested, I spotted it almost instantly. Now I was the one who turned her on to GHD (she is a hairstylist, but nevertheless, she's very much behind on new product launches). After all I had been trolling drooling and lemming it at Sephora since it first came out. My permanently broke state however made it hard to afford one. So I was very happy to snatch from my sister. Now I need to put in a testament here:

-GHD is a miracle.
-GHD has cut my ironing time 40% from 1.25-1.5 hours to 45 min flat.
-When I use it, no matter what other products I smear on, my hair winds up twice as soft, smooth, tangle free, shiny, bouncy and voluminous than if I would use anything else.
-And I swear, I promise you, it smoothes the look of about half my split ends (not the extra extra bad and old ones because nothing on earth can, but the newer ones oh yeah).

I cannot put into words how warm and fuzzy I feel towards it. So for about a year my sister and I fought like maniacs over her straightener. She has this horrible possessiveness where if you borrow something of hers, you're gonna PAY for it. It really is like we're both 12 and 11 again and fighting over the remote. Except no remote can ever cause as much joy as the GHD. So this year, she finally broke down. She bought me a 2" GHD as an early Christmas present (let's put it this way, with teh 2" half an hour, half an hour on MY hair, is beyond miraculous).

It just arrived the other day and I am so over the moon in love with it that I felt I just HAD to post about my love. If you have unruly just plain bad hair and you watch Pantene commercials with jealous tears in your eyes, you need to try a GHD. It will change your life.

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