Thursday, November 6, 2008

Product Review: OCM cleansing method

OCM is yet another skin thing the ladies at MUA turned me on to. Basically it's a kitchen mix. You take Castor oil and EVOO or any other emollient oil. You mix them according to skin type (more dry, less castor oil, etc etc) massage all over face, for 5min at least. Then you take a hot wet washcloth and rub 'er off. The others reported an amazing purging of pores (music to my ears) and amazing glow and tone afterward. So you can imagine my curiosity.


Now I gave it a fighting chance, I promise I did. I tried it several times, with different carrier oils and different concentrations. I guess my pores are JUST that stubborn.

Oh I wanted this to work soooo well. What can I say I am just unfortunate I guess. I did 50/50 sweet almond and castor and really massaged like a maniac. No pore gunk coming out (boy was I looking forward to that) no amazing improvement. In fact what happened was 4 enormous cystic monsters the next morning (I knew they were on their way, but I only get them that big and horrific when I underexfoliate, which has not been the case lately). It's definitely the OCM.

Frankly it is a cheapie, and if it works for you you're a lucky gal. As for me, I'll go back to paying 40 dollars for cleanser.

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