Sunday, October 19, 2008

So some superfantaclysmic news

Now let me give you a quick backstory of my constant struggle with my career choices. In the last 5 years of my life I was entirely set on getting married, having a baby and becoming a housewife before the age of 20. In my mind there is nothing on earth more fullfilling or wonderful for someone for me to do. I've always been happiest when with kids and I cannot even tell you how much I love baking (my thighs will tell you how much of my baking I eat). Once I realized at 19.5 years old, after my last breakup, that my housewife dream was kaput, I embarked on a "practical" career.

I took a job as an assistant at a staffing agency planning on working my way up the corporate ladder. Although I loved the fast pace, client relations and the fact that I was helping people each and every day at work, I realized after a while I couldn't handle such a position for the rest of my life. The stress is incredible, you can never really relax and worst of all, your schedule and avaction time is completely at the mercy of others (a deal breaker for someone whose entire existence is situated across the planet-literally unless I go back to Serbia for at least a month every year the stress and torture of living here starts to show up in my attitude and definitely on my face).

So I took on a temporary position at the place where I am working now, to have a low stress position with a steady income while I save money for a car and re-evaluate what to do with myself. The answer came to me while on a weekend trip to Ontario during August long weekend. The people we stayed with had a 14 year old daughter who basically took one look at my makeup process and begged me to do her. I was also the very first to pluck her eyebrows, to me a great honor. Then she told everyone, her mom, her friends -even tried to convince her brother- that I am gifted at makeup and should start doing everyone else. On the airplane back to Calgary I realized, WHY aren't I a makeup artist. It is one of the few skills that comes naturally to me, I LOVE doing it, while freelancing I would be the one in control of my own schedule and when I take time off and let's face it the income potential is pretty astronomical if I fin myself amongst a very specific group of in-demand artists.

I then started doing research on various schooling options in Calgary. There are only two schools here. Marvel college is an established hairstyling school that also has a makeup program. Like their cosmetology program, their makeup class is focused on outdated techniques and style (I saw a few students' portfolios online and no joke, half the photos had blue eyeshadow and or 80's blush contouring.....if I was going to be taught that was the way to go, I refused.) The other choicewas Artist's Within. It's a private school established by Tara Anand, one of Western Canada's most successful freelance artists. Looking at their student's portfolios, I saw a marked difference. The photos looked like the ones I see all the time in my beloved fashion magazines, interesting, innovative and modern. So I figured of the two choices, mine was clear.

So a few days ago I went in, filled out some forms, handed over a deposit check and as of March 11th of 2009 I will be a makeup student. My course will last 8 weeks and after that I will have a piece of paper telling me what I've known all along, I have the skills to become a proffesional makeup artist. Obviously I look forward to learning even more techniques while studying and help form some important relationships.


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