Tuesday, October 21, 2008

I got a job at Sephora!

Oh I thought it would never happen!
I applied for a seasonal cashier position at Sephora a few weeks ago, after all where else would I use an employee disocunt more. Nevermind that it's a good first step into my future makeup artistry career.

Now my devotion to Sephora has been a years long commitment. When I was 12 I had my first pimple. To a girl who had spent her childhood being the most adorable/queen bee of the playground a FLAW was the worst thing that could ever happen [sigh, the myriad flaws I have had since...]. Once I realized that the drugstore did not hold much promise for my face [my face, my hair, my body, everything DEFINITELY has a taste for the expensive, and yes i know it's just psychological, but the placebo effect works for me].

Around this time I discovered Makeupalley.com a looong time addiction. The women constantly spoke of a store called Sephora [this was Canada in 2000, it's like speaking a foreign language]. So my curious mind went internet searchin'. And Sephora with it's ridiculous amount of sheer CHOICE -nevermind the fact that there's so many brands you would have a tough time finding elsewhere- was pretty much like the end of the world to a gal like me. At the time sephora.com didn't even deliver to Canada so I suffered in silence. When I turned 15 is when they started giving us the option. I would beg my mom to use her credit card, but for a woman as inherently low maintenance as her the limit was not high. Within a year I got my first job so I could GIVE her cash to help feed my obsession. The moment I turned 18,, the first thing I did was get my own credit card. And guess what my very first purchase was, an massive order on sephora.com
The very first sephora store in Calgary opened when I was about to turn 19. I applied to work there as soon as I heard, but as the day came near and I got a call back, they were gonna have all the training and the open date while I was in Europe. Once I came back I had it set in my mind that I was going to be practical.
And it took this long to come back around...but boy am I glad.

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