Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Beauty Innovation That Excites Me

The No Frizz Line by Living Proof:

Everybody's been buzzing about this line violently! Up till now silicones have been the only cosmetic way to fight the frizzies and they are far from an ideal solution. It takes a lot of finesse to avoid overdoing it with silicones, never mind that constant use overtime actually dries out the hair. This stuff is a brand new technology pioneered by Dr. Robert Langer and a team of scientists. Cosmetic industry vets were at a minimum.

The premise is that this stuff leaves a light, waterproof coat on the hair, which actually REPELS water and even more miraculously oil (which is what dirt holds onto, with the need for washing obviously related). They have a straightening and a curling product for fine, medium and thick hair. And apparently the effect is cumulative, overtime hair's own frizz prevention system is strengthened!!! The molecule they have created is called PolyfluoroEster and I can tell you I haven't heard of it before (which is proof it's actually brand new instead of the beauty industry just trumpeting it as new).

Each curly/straight duo can be bought online at QVC.com for the introductory price of 38.52 which is erring on the high side but considering that you have to use it rarely, the effect is cumulative and again you get two products.

This is akin to promising the hair lottery to folks like myself with naturally curly, overprocessed, ridiculously thick and frizz prone locks. Positive indicators: It's not actually silicone. They actually posted the ingredients up on the website. The majority of the team that formulated the products is not involved in the cosmetic industry itself. I mean, all positive indicators right? My personal quest for good hair is one that has never met a credit card limit it wasn't willing to go past. And soon enough, given positive reviews on MakeupAlley, I will most likely be trying this stuff and reviewing.

And off course, since I'm me and I care, An analysis of the ingredients in the curly formulation for medium hair:
  1. Water - Obvious
  2. VP/VA Copolymer - Helps hair hold it's style by repeling moisture and forming a thin layer over hair (and nails too actually). This is one of the older fashioned polymers.
  3. Polyfluoro Ester - The new more advanced polymer that really does the job.
  4. VP/Dimethylaminoethylmethacrylate Copolymer - binder, emulsion stabilizer, film former, hair fixative
  5. Glycerin - humectant, slip former, moisturizer
  6. Myristyl Alcohol - fatty alcohol, emulsifier, moisturizer
  7. Polyacrylate-13 - Similar properties to the other polymers
Halfway point: Past here are all the ingredients that act as fillers and preservatives, they really have very little effect on the overall efficacy of the product itself becasue the concentrations are 1% or less.
  1. PEG-8 Stearate - Help water mix with oil and dirt to help wash hair and skin ???? That one I am baffled by, these are styling products.
  2. PPG-2 Myristyl Ether Propionate - non oily emollient
  3. Polyisobutene - lubricant that thickens oily products, dries to for a thin coat, helps hold together other ingredients
  4. Phenoxyethanol - broad spectrum preservative
  5. Caprylyl Glycol - humectant and preservative
  6. Fragrance - Obvious
  7. Polysorbate 20 - emulsifier
  8. Sorbic Acid - preservative
Image courtesy of youarelivingproof.com

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