Thursday, October 23, 2008

Product Review: Clairol Perfect 10

Can't say that I'm mega impressed.
Off course the speed is a wonderful thing, you have to appreciate that, but I wound up splashing my entire bathroom trying to cover everything evenly and quickly. -believe me I'll pay for it big time in bathroom renos-.
As for gloss can't say it leaves me any glossier than any other type of color.
I did wind up with the shade I wanted allthough it was a tiny difference from what I started with (my natural ashy dark brown w/ some old highlights showing through a semi-perm color). I did wind up with a reddy/chocolatey dark brown where there is really very little highlight definition.

More...The conditioner included may actually be the worst part -I can't believe I'm saying this about an at home haircolor kit- I found it incredibly resistant to's like sticky oil. And even though I spent 5 minutes on the rinse I still have some waxiness and greasiness around my roots.
I actually found the comb very tough to handle because my hair gets so tangly that it was impossible to do it all the way.
Check out the results:
The color I used was 6G light golden brown.
It definitely turned out a few shades darker than that, more like their 6-light brown shade, which is less golden and more chocolatey.

First image courtesy of, second image courtesy of me

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