Sunday, October 26, 2008

Product Review: WEN by Chaz Dean cleansing conditioners

This is to review all the different scents/formulations of the cleansing conditioners.
The ones I've tried are fig, tea tree and lavender.
I must say there's really no difference between the three except the scents -none of which I liked by the way, I find them too cloying and artificial smelling-.
The only other thing I didn't like about these was how they weighed down my curls, but since I rarely let my hair go natural, that's a small price to pay.
Everything else well let me start:


-Cleaned very well, it takes a while to rinse but if you do it properly hair will be squeaky clean, so don't be afraid of the no-foam
-Definitely keeps and preserves color
-When air-dried I found myself suffering very little frizz (and I didn't leave any in as a hair cream just as a test)
-My hair turned out INCREDIBLY soft and shiny compared to the level of crunchiness and strawlike-ness I otherwise suffer if I stray from Kerastase
-I really feel like it ACTUALLY moisturizes hair rather than coating it or overproteining it.
And here goes the ingredient analysis for the tea tree version:
water - obvious
aloe vera - moisture, film former on hair
glycerin - humectant, slip-creator, moisture
cetyl alcohol - emulsifier, emollient, thickener
rosemary extract - cleansing, astringent, stimulating, oil-reducing
wild cherry fruit extract - no cosmetic benefit, filler for making the ingredient label look better
chamomile extract -useless on hair except to lighten naturally blonde hair
calendula flower extract -also useless on hair, again good for the label
behentrimonium methosulfate -best and highest quality conditioning ingredient on the market, very detangling, no buildup, very very mild for sensitive people
cetearyl alcohol - same properties as cetyl alcohol
panthenol - very well known conditioning ingredient, smooths and helps remoisturize hair shaft
primethylsilylamodimethicone - conditioning additive that helps detangle wet or dry, adds softness, helps minimize damage
stearmidopropyl dimethylamine - emulsifier, hair softener
polysorbate 60 - emulsify essential oils with water products
menthol - cooling effect, and even though it's this far down the list, you still really feel it cool the scalp
essential oils - I wish it was illegal not to specify which ones, consider how many people may be allergic to a certain extract and it's not required to be specified on the ingredient label
peg60 almond glycerides - helps create mildness, conditioning, emulsifier
hydrolized wheat protein - when used with heat, helps temporarily repair some split ends (the less horrible ones) however at this concentration it would be a very small difference
methylchlorisothiazolinone - preservative
methylisothiazolinone - preservative
citric acid - preservative

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